Thermeco Wall FG50
Curtain wall
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PG50 - internal and external sightline of 50mm
FG50 - internal and external sightline of 50/81mm
Complies with AAAMSA A4 design standards
Accommodates single and double glazing from 2mm to 30mm
Available in a range of durable and popular architectural colours and finishes
Allows the use of 2 different finishes on a project
Pressure equalization ensures rapid drainage
Epdm gaskets ensure excellent sealing against water and air infiltration
Mullion depths range from 121mm to 205mm
Transom depths range from 78mm to 183mm
Mullion inertia (ix - windload) ranges from 122 cm4 to 766 cm4
Transom inertia
o (ix - windload) ranges from 37 cm4 to 395 cm4
o (iy-windload) ranges from 18 cm4 to 51 cm4
Accomodates opening sashes
PG 50 sash limitations:
o top hung (w) 1800mm x (h) 1800mm
o side hung (w) 900mm x (h) 1800mm
FG 50 sash limitations:
o top hung (w) 1500mm x (h) 1500mm
o side hung (w) 900mm x (h) 1500mm
Secure single and multi-point locking solutions available
Seamlessly transitions from a pressure glazed façade to a flush glazed façade or the other way around.
The FG50-te offers a thermally enhanced flush glazed solution to provide improved thermal performance.
Innovative assembly techniques reduce manufacturing and installation labour costs
Manufacturing tools and jigs ensure production and installation accuracy
Product training and manuals available
Supported by ALPRO - alsysco design and estimating software


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